My Stuff: Manti Edits and Site Updates

• January 20th, 2013

Step One: click the "play" button. Step Two: listen. Step Three: leave hateful emails for me so that they end up on the show. If you leave other comments I'll probably smile a bit, then close them and shove them away in a closet.


Manti Te’o: Edits

• January 20th, 2013

Yeah, yeah, there were some details that got messed up. I'll be making a podcast to address that and a few other things. I'm just posting the edits here until the next show is ready:

1) The grandmother who died was not a hoax. It was Manti's grandmother and she was very, very real and, as far as we've heard from Manti, an amazing woman. God bless her.

2) I never left my email in at the end. If I mentioned not knowing something on the cast, send stuff to:

Manti Te’o: Catfishing

• January 18th, 2013

You've heard of what happened with Manti Te'o, haven't you? Well, if you haven't (and even if you have), this radio broadcast concerning it is coming in from the Sunshine State. It's only about fifteen minutes of your time: WASTE IT LISTENING TO THE TRUTH ABOUT MANTI TE'O!



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